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Fashion week is the time when style conscious women look at each other and groan…”where are the clothes that I am lusting after”.

Looking at the Catwalk Shows I am depressed by the lack of originality and I think even the journalists are having trouble finding descriptive words for some of the collections. There is a definite lack of theme to the collections and designers seem to be stuck. We still seem to be shown clothes that at best are floaty and frivolous and worst shapeless and unforgiving.

I have always loved the theatre of the Catwalk shows, but as we all know they are to get Press coverage and the clothes that actually go into production are usually much more wearable. They gave women the sense of excitement that every new season should do. However during the past few seasons the clothes actually appearing in the shops are disappointing.

Fabrics are hard and itchy and I cannot understand why some the beautiful Italian fabrics that are used in the men’s collections are not available for women too. Of course certain styles may need more technical and mixed fabrics, but I believe that using heavy uncomfortable fabrics that we are told are edgy and new, covers the fact that designers are stuck and are caught in a fashion trap.

Part of this I believe is that on-line shopping is to blame. We are getting accustomed to settling for what we believe to be an easy option. In the last few weeks I have spoken to many ex-clients and friends who shop regularly each season for the more upmarket brands. They are so disillusioned by what is on offer, because fashion departments and shops look so samey. Italian suppliers tell me things are changing with a more vocal demand for clothes that flatter the women with the money to spend.

It will take time, so in the meanwhile look after the clothes you have and love and update them with new shoes, bags and accessories. Hats have become very popular and give you a different look for outdoors and don’t forget new eye glasses (if you wear them) will update your look too.

Happy hunting