Susie Faux   SUSIE FAUX

"I believe that the secret to not worrying about the way you dress is to get experienced advice. For more than 40 years, my mission has been to guide women in creating their own personal style in which they look and, more importantly, feel confident and successful in whatever situation they find themselves."


Having acquired so much experience during my 42 years with high end international fashion,
I can advise on all aspects of product and retail strategy. I am now in a position to concentrate fully on assisting clients, in both the wholesale and retail divisions of the business. 


I have an intimate knowledge of the style scene commercially and also from the perspective of the final purchaser, particularly those from Northern Europe and major North American cities.  From my experience of our own highly successful collection over 18 seasons, manufactured in one of the best factories in Italy, I know what these women are searching for and expect to find and am able to direct them appropriately.


For my many clients and many others over the years, I have helped mostly by the careful editing I have done, so that my recommendations and buying were always well researched. Now, without a retail shop I am still able to make the connections between what is available and their needs. By ongoing consulting with fashion houses I believe in and by helping them to be successful in the UK, I can direct my clients efficiently and save them considerable time and effort.